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Located in the northeast corner of the country, in the department of Rivera, experience the frontier life in all its dimensions: in Rivera, Uruguay Spanish is hearded and speaked, and with just crossing a street, you are already in Brazil, in the city of Santa Ana do Livramento, where another language is hearded ... but everyone understood each other. Rivera is one of the most important cities of the frontier, with a large commercial development and a variety of cultural and historical sites to enjoy. Also worth visiting Sarandi Avenue, where more than 70 free shops, making this route, a shopping street and promenade.

Agraciada 497, Rivera, URUGUAY


Vistas de la Frontera

Usina CuñapirĂș


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An unusual venture for this country, which began to be built in 1866 by the Asturian engineer Clemente Barrial who glimpsed a great mining industry and believed fervently in the gold chimera.

Valle del lunarejo


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The Protected Landscape Valle del Lunarejo is located in the extreme northwest of the department of Rivera, very close to Artigas and Salto and the border with Brazil.
A region that stands out for a landscape of great beauty.

Duty Free Shops


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The department of Rivera is an attractive tourist destination thanks to the variety of options offered; from a fine dining, excellent shoppings, natural landscapes, historical and cultural sites, the highest level Hotels, Casino and many other options to suit all tastes.